Our organization

Founded in 2021, Éleveurs Canins Certifiés du Québec (ECCQ) works to meet a growing demand for information on responsible breeding while facilitating access to a breeder’s registry, which guarantees certain basic criteria according to a breeder’s certification. After noticing, during the COVID-19 pandemic, a dramatic increase in “family breeders” selling puppies without registration, without testing sire and dam for genetic diseases, and without outside expertise on the health and quality of their dogs, we decided to create a platform to promote responsible adoption. ECCQ service is presented in the form of mandatory annual certifications. This enables us to offer the same quality selection, year after year.


Increase the quality of breeding in Quebec

Our mission is to certify breeders based on pre-established criteria in order to guide and educate the public on responsible and thoughtful adoption. By granting certification based on specific criteria, adopters will not only be able to find breeders that match their values, but also provide a place for people to educate themselves on the importance of registration, socialization programs, genetic health testing and maintenance of breeding standards.

Moreover, by offering an easy-access site, we hope to encourage current breeders to become informed, understand and rely on these types of criteria in order to decrease the risk of genetic defects in purebred dogs, as well as to increase the quality of breeding in Quebec.


People of heart


Chloé is an animal health technician with a keen interest in genetics and animal reproduction. After her college studies, she took several university science courses, including genetics. She has attended numerous training sessions and conferences with veterinary specialists in animal reproduction and genetic pathologies.

Chloé is someone who is always eager to inform people and firmly believes that the world of animal husbandry needs to be better known, and also better understood and monitored.

This is why she firmly believes that a site like Éleveurs Canins Certifiés du Québec (ECCQ) is essential to help educate the public and assist them in their search for reputable breeders.

An administrator of the Adoptions – Éleveurs Canin Québécois group for several years, she is interested in contributing further and in a more structured and specific fashion.


Annie has been active in the canine world since 1993. She was a partner in a miniature poodle kennel and has been involved in dog shows since September 2007.

After a four-year hiatus from breeding, she decided in October 2011 to return to the field in partnership with Sprindream Kennel, a co-owned kennel specializing in English Springers.

With Labrador retrievers having conquered her heart, however, Annie has operated her own kennel (Descerisiers) since 2001 and plans to begin breeding them within a few years.

Annie is also passionate about dog grooming, dog shows and canine genetics. She loves everything to do with the animal world, and this drives her interest in educating the general public about dog breeding.