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No. The application fee includes the time it takes to evaluate your kennel. An explanatory report will be sent to you if your application is refused. This will allow you to adapt your kennel to the required criteria if you wish to be certified.
Response times vary with the size of each case. Usually, we try to provide an answer within 7 days for a kennel evaluation or for any other questions.
You can register by clicking on the REGISTRATION tab on our website.
You can check if the breed is eligible for registration in one of these kennel clubs.

Club Canin Canadien American Kennel Club

Breeder information available on the ECCQ website.
For the 3 certifications:
  • Breeder name
  • Breed name
  • Breeds (number of dogs that have been approved by the ECCQ)
  • Phone (if applicable) and email (if applicable)
For Premium and Absolute certification:
  • Description of the socialization program
  • Sample attachment of the breeder’s contract
  • Link to the official website or Facebook page (if applicable)
For Absolute certification:
  • Description of the kennel premises (as per the evaluation form)
  • Number of dogs at the kennel during the visit
Please check your spam or junk mail inbox for emails from the ECCQ. To ensure that you receive future emails, add the email address to your contacts or legitimate emails. Make sure your email address matches the one you gave ECCQ when you signed up for the newsletter or certification.


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