Nymeria breeding

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Christina René

Presentation of the breeder

Nymeria is a Samoyed breeding located in the Sorel-Tracy region, dedicated to promoting the health, conformation, and well-being of this magnificent breed. Our priority is to breed dogs that fully embody the characteristic traits of the Samoyed while excelling in a variety of canine sports such as sledding, obedience, rally-O, bikejoring, and more.

Each of our breeding dogs undergoes all health tests required by the OFA to obtain CHIC certification, thus ensuring the health and robustness of their lineage. Additionally, we place great importance on presenting our dogs in conformation shows, aiming to showcase their excellence and beauty. Each breeding dog holds at least one Canadian championship, demonstrating their quality and ability to represent the breed admirably.

We are driven by a deep passion for the Samoyed breed and canine sports, and we hope to transmit this love and devotion to all who join us in this adventure.


Of our dogs

CAN. GCH Nikita Nordic Sky de Nymeria CGN ETD CCF3 NS VN - Grand champion canadien

    Dog microchip : 956000007517852
    Date of birth : october 31, 2021
    Sex :   F
    Race :  Samoyede
    Color :  White